I’m baaaaaaack!

Hi Everybody!

Sorry for being out of action for so long, my human has been quite busy. But she has things sorted and now I’m back and ready to blog away for you all!

I’ve got some big news… It is my very first birthday tomorrow! Yes, that’s right, on the first of October, I am one year old. Brittany is busy in the morning, but in the afternoon she’s taking me for a surprise!

The bad thing… She says I have to have a bath this afternoon. Apparently she says I can’t be ‘stinky’ (hmph!) for my birthday. What would she know! She needs to learn the joys of doggy perfume, like Eau de Dead Mouse and Horse Poop! Bah!

I have to be honest, I don’t really mind much when I get a bath.The shampoo Brittany uses smells yummy. It smells like Mangoes and Coconuts, it’s not that bad. And especially on a hot afternoon, I have to admit the cool water is nice. It’s all over very quickly. Brittany says it is because of my ‘wash and wear’ coat. It probably takes only about five minutes to bath me, and then I get to play and do zoomies! Brittany is always amazed at how quick it is to wash me. Her last dog, Bella, was a shih tzu cross with a long and curly coat, and she says it would always take ages to wash the ‘stinkbug’ out of her coat! Just another of the benefits of having a Great Dane! 😉

Speaking of benefits of Great Danes, We had a scary situation last night. I noticed something outside at about 12 at night and started barking and growling! So Brittany and Mum ran out to the lounge, and let me outside to investigate. Brittany doesn’t know what I was barking at, but she saw me chasing something away from the house. It freaked my humans out!

Brittany called me a very good girl and I got a lot of praise. She said she was very glad for my big deep bark, it would frighten anyone away! She says I looked very intimidating and tough, even though she says I would probably end up licking them to death 😛 She doesn’t think anybody would try to test it out though! 😉

Here are some recent photos for you all. I have definitely grown since our doggie dancing routine! 😉

Hanging out with Brittany on Mums bed!

I am a very mature and dignified almost-1-year old!

Three months old...

Same chair... At eleven months old!

Okay, Brittany is calling me to go have my bath so I will tell you all about my birthday soon!

Until next time,

Lacey 😀


A note from Brittany- Hi all! I am so sorry for disappearing for so long- I was busy and needed a break from things for a while. But we’re back and will be blogging regularly again. I’m looking forward to hearing all about what you’ve all been doing and I hope to gather some new friends along the way too! I’m very excited for Lacey’s first birthday and I will be giving her a surprise tomorrow. It’s the first time I’ve celebrated a pets birthday and I think it is very deserved, she’s my baby! Anyway, Toodle Pip! 🙂