Our DWTDS entry!

I bring to you, without further ado, the result of all our blood, sweat and tears and the result of three routine changes! 😛

There are some glitches and ‘Ooh, whats that?’ moments but I think she did well for her first dancing routine at eight months old.


Before the routine-

I love this picture


I hope you like it!






8 thoughts on “Our DWTDS entry!

  1. Ooh – well done! Great routine! I love that move where you’re standing on the stool, Lacey, and marching with your front paws…that is advanced stuff!! 🙂

    yeah – I think this is an awesome routine for such a young pup as yourself! I don’t think I had HALF your focus when I was your age!! 😀 And you must have the most beautiful stage in the whole contest!!!

    Thanks so much again for taking part in my contest and for all your hard work putting your routine together!

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. Oh – you didn’t mention the name of the song? Could you please tell me as I need it for my official DWTDS final post? Thanks!

  2. Wonderful Lacey! You sure are such a clever pup! If you are now that good how good you would be later 😀 Only sky is the limit now for you! And what a stage! That really is beautiful.

    I wish you a lots of luck for the competition!


  3. We are most impressed with your dance routine, Lacey! You did a great job remembering your steps and tricks, and following Brittany’s lead. You danced with enthusiasm and a lot of flare, and you seemed to be having a lot of fun. We look forward to seeing you dance some more! Brava!

    Jed & Abby

  4. Your costume is the best. You should have gotten mom to wear a matching one. And what a beautiful open space befitting a full sized doggie such as yourself. I do that feet on the platform too as exercise but now I am going to try lifting one foot just like you because it will help me even more with my balance. Good luck in the competition.


  5. Wonderful scenery! What a great backdrop for the routine. And I think Lacey deserves a medal for letting you put that costume on her, lol. What a credit to you she is, to be able to do all this at such a young age.

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