5 things about me!

I thought I’d tell you 5 things about me that Brittany thinks are weird… 😛

#1 I like to eat horse food…. When the horses have their dinner I have to help them clean up! Brittany doesn’t know why, it’s just odd 🙂

#2 Whenever Brittany is teaching me the ‘Go to Bed’ command, I always stare at her with the intensity of a Kelpie! I will go to my yoga mat, and lie down backwards to my usual way- instead of sitting down, and then lying down, I will bow first, watch Brittany intently for a second, and all at once, lie my bum down with a great big sigh and hold my head just above my paws and watch Brittany with what she says is the intensity of a Kelpie, she says! She thinks it’s really funny. She’ll try to catch it on camera for you!

#3 I have a real sock fetish. I see a sock, I’ve gotta grab it. No matter what Brittany says! I’ll carry her socks around all day if she didn’t take them off me for getting her socks all slobbery. It’s not nice when you put on a dog slobber sock, apparently. But I love socks. I’m trying to convince Brit to make me a sock toy. But she says I would just ruin it, playing with it too much! 😛

#4 …Well I couldn’t think of anything else that Brittany found weird, but here are some more facts about me…. I love toast with Vegemite on. Whenever Brittany has some I just have to have some!

#5 I love to try to catch things in my mouth! Brittany will throw them for me and I’ll jump in the air and try to catch them, it’s so much fun!


On a side note, Brittany has finally found the right name for Layla. Layla was just a temporary name until she figured out what she wanted to call her all the time. One day it just struck her- Juliet! She thought it was a really cute pair name for the two smaller ponies and so it is now Romeo and Juliet!

Okay, til next time,

Lacey the Great Dane



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