Hi everybody

Brittany here. I was bored and wanted to write a blog post, but I didn’t really know what to write!

But I thought I’d just give you some random facts about me and my life…

Fact #1

I used to live in New Zealand in a small town called Glenorchy, in the south Island near Queenstown. Its the most gorgeous place in the world and everyone should visit there, you will never want to leave! There are heaps more gorgeous pictures here: http://www.thoriverson.com/articles_web/2005/NZ_22.html

Glenorchy and Lake Wakatipu

Fact #2

I’ve owned (or my family has owned) four dogs before Lacey.

Ruby- a Brindle Boxer girl. She was really lovely and was about 15 years old when she made her way to the rainbow bridge.

Luca- Luca was a flashy brindle girl and was also Ruby’s daughter. Unfortunately Luca had to be put to sleep before we left to come to NZ due to ongoing medical issues. 😦

Bella- Bella was my little Shih Tzu Maltese Cross that I got when I first came to Australia. She was with us until November 2010 and I miss her alot.

Baby Bella

Bella and I when we first saw her

The day we brought her home

Lexi- Lexi was to be our second dog. She was a little Border Collie, and her story is tragic, but I wont go into it today. I lost her and Bella within the same week and it was really tough on me, and still is.

Bella and Lexi



I don’t go to normal school.

I’m just starting school at Cairns Distance Education next semester. I just got sick of having to deal with your token teenage girls, and so I will be starting soon!


I’m looking into getting a second dog as we speak! Not until Lacey is at least a year and a half, but I’ll be getting a new girl as my first show dog hopefully! I’m looking at a small breed, because I miss having a little dog! Breeds on my list to look into are Papillons, Miniature Pinschers, Basenji, Border Terriers… If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great! I’m looking for a bit more drive and energy that a Great Dane 😛

Fact #5

I’ve been riding ever since I was 2 years old. I was first on a horse called Alcatraz and I fell off him on the first time I was ever on him! I remember riding him around with my mum on her black standardbred Jenna and he was my first horse, but not my first ‘official’ horse.

The beautiful Jenna

So I hope you had fun learning a bit more about me and my life! 😛

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “Ramblings…

  1. Ohhh…those pictures of Glenorchy are just stunning. My humans always believe that NZ is the most beautiful, unspoilt place on earth!! They’ve ben to Queenstown several times now and just love it there – and Lake Wanaka too.

    Loved getting to know more about Brittany! So interesting! And i can’t believe she’s been riding since she as 2yrs old – she must be a whizz in the saddle!!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. That was very interesting to know about you. I hope to hear more 🙂
    Does that distance education mean you are learning at home or something? I’ve never heard about it. And I feel you with those teenage girls. When I was a teenager I never was a really a teen. Maybe I were even too mature but I just couldn’t understand and stand those annoying teens and nowdays they are even worse (or so they seem, or I’m beginning to be too old :D)


  3. That sounds very interesting way to go to school. I’m not sure though would it have fit for me 😀 I lack self discipline, a lot. But in the other hand I think it will be really nice. Hopefully you enyoy it! 🙂


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