I don’t like this game, Mum….

Hi everybody!

I have some terrible news- But I better start from the start!

It all started two days ago when Brittany’s Mum made some Chelsea Buns, and put them outside to ‘prove’…

Chelsea Buns

And they just smelt SO good I had to try one for myself! So I grabbed one off the table when nobody was looking! Of course, Mum and Brittany weren’t very happy at all. In fact, they even called me a very bad doggie!

Yesterday afternoon, I saw Brittany crawling around on the floor, putting black lines on it! She said to me, ‘You have to stay out of these lines, Lacey. You can’t come in the kitchen anymore!’ And now, whenever I step over the lines, I get told, ‘Out!’ Now I can’t go in the kitchen anymore at all! Not even to hoover up the crumbs! This is Terrible!

The Kitchen Line

One of the Bedroom Lines

Brittany's Bedroom Line

Lines have appeared at the doors of the Bedrooms too- Brittany’s says I’m too big to go into her Bedroom, because I knock stuff over with my tail 😛

But this is just terrible! I’m not allowed in the Kitchen no more! 😦

And to add to the trauma of being banned from the Kitchen- Brittany’s making me wear a silly hat for our DWTDS!

She is sooooo mean!

Of course, she is wearing one too-

So I suppose its not that bad, if she is wearing one…


I look ridiculous!

Till next time,

Lacey Jayne the Great Dane

A note from Brittany: Hi everybody!  I’m very worried about whether we are going to be ready for our DWTDS performance. We are having such a hard time putting all the moves together in a sequence, that I don’t think we will be on time 😦

Also, does anyone have any ideas for tricks I can teach Lacey? I’ve run out of ideas!


4 thoughts on “I don’t like this game, Mum….

  1. Hi Lacey – I’m not allowed in the kitchen either although my humans started teaching me that rule from Day 1 when I came home as a 7week old puppy so I’ve got so used to it now that I think it’s just normal…don’t worry – you’ll get used to it!! 🙂

    Oh – and tell Brittany not to panic about teaching more tricks! Simple is good (did you see my DWTDS Week 2 post? There as a really simple routine in there by a Newfie that only had like 4 moves or something but it was still really good!). You’re better not to cram too much stuff in – you can always repeat a trick later on in the routine, you know, do it twice. Like a chorus in a song. I think with the time you’ve got left, you’re better practising just putting everything together. You know, even just walking in a circle with Brittany (or figure-8) is a trick! And can you do a Sit – Wait – and then run to Brittany? (basically a recall) – that can be a dance move too – just get Brittany to do some fancy steps away from you while you’re waiting in the Sit – and then she can call you to her – looks really good! Especially if you match it to the music.

    Hey – remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect so don’t worry – just whatever you do by the deadline will be great – and you’re going to be judged on how much FUN you’re having, remember? 🙂

    Good luck!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Woo, Lacey. It sure is nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by our blog!
    Hey – what’s with the tape on the floor? You know you can just step over that, right? You seem to be pretty young still – have you mastered The Sad Eyes Look? It’s a GREAT weapon we pups have in our arsenal – guaranteed to melt your biped’s heart and make her cave. Take charge!
    Gotta go – my mom’s calling me. not that I do everything I’m told…

  3. Hi Lacey
    Welcome to blogland. I have a question why did you only eat one sticky bun – I would have gobbled as many as could fit in my tiny tum. Prove HA.
    Have fun with your DWDTS we can’t wait to see it, I dance with a great dane too.
    woofs Bodie

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