You know you have a Dane when….

The bass of the dogs barking shakes the windows

When you call your dog and it comes running, it sounds like a horse race coming down the home stretch

You turn around and your 8 month old puppy is watching you over the back of the couch- and when you look, she’s NOT standing on anything

She doesn’t fit on your lap

She sits on things like a human


Also, I just wanted to add, thank you to everyone for your nice comments on our Dancing routine! Im sorry I haven’t replied, I’ve been busy at a show these last few days. I’ll post about that some more later! 😀


Our DWTDS entry!

I bring to you, without further ado, the result of all our blood, sweat and tears and the result of three routine changes! 😛

There are some glitches and ‘Ooh, whats that?’ moments but I think she did well for her first dancing routine at eight months old.


Before the routine-

I love this picture


I hope you like it!





5 things about me!

I thought I’d tell you 5 things about me that Brittany thinks are weird… 😛

#1 I like to eat horse food…. When the horses have their dinner I have to help them clean up! Brittany doesn’t know why, it’s just odd 🙂

#2 Whenever Brittany is teaching me the ‘Go to Bed’ command, I always stare at her with the intensity of a Kelpie! I will go to my yoga mat, and lie down backwards to my usual way- instead of sitting down, and then lying down, I will bow first, watch Brittany intently for a second, and all at once, lie my bum down with a great big sigh and hold my head just above my paws and watch Brittany with what she says is the intensity of a Kelpie, she says! She thinks it’s really funny. She’ll try to catch it on camera for you!

#3 I have a real sock fetish. I see a sock, I’ve gotta grab it. No matter what Brittany says! I’ll carry her socks around all day if she didn’t take them off me for getting her socks all slobbery. It’s not nice when you put on a dog slobber sock, apparently. But I love socks. I’m trying to convince Brit to make me a sock toy. But she says I would just ruin it, playing with it too much! 😛

#4 …Well I couldn’t think of anything else that Brittany found weird, but here are some more facts about me…. I love toast with Vegemite on. Whenever Brittany has some I just have to have some!

#5 I love to try to catch things in my mouth! Brittany will throw them for me and I’ll jump in the air and try to catch them, it’s so much fun!


On a side note, Brittany has finally found the right name for Layla. Layla was just a temporary name until she figured out what she wanted to call her all the time. One day it just struck her- Juliet! She thought it was a really cute pair name for the two smaller ponies and so it is now Romeo and Juliet!

Okay, til next time,

Lacey the Great Dane


Brittany’s personal blog

Hi everybody!

Brittany decided to make her own personal blog today! Its going to be filled with her experiences, opinions, things that make her happy and hopefully things to make your day a brighter place! 🙂 She didn’t want to clog up my blog with her stuff!

You can visit her here:

Please visit her and give her blog some attention too! I mean, It’ll never be as popular as my blog, of course- you can’t expect miracles! 😛

‘Til next time,

Lacey the great Dane




Hi everybody

Brittany here. I was bored and wanted to write a blog post, but I didn’t really know what to write!

But I thought I’d just give you some random facts about me and my life…

Fact #1

I used to live in New Zealand in a small town called Glenorchy, in the south Island near Queenstown. Its the most gorgeous place in the world and everyone should visit there, you will never want to leave! There are heaps more gorgeous pictures here:

Glenorchy and Lake Wakatipu

Fact #2

I’ve owned (or my family has owned) four dogs before Lacey.

Ruby- a Brindle Boxer girl. She was really lovely and was about 15 years old when she made her way to the rainbow bridge.

Luca- Luca was a flashy brindle girl and was also Ruby’s daughter. Unfortunately Luca had to be put to sleep before we left to come to NZ due to ongoing medical issues. 😦

Bella- Bella was my little Shih Tzu Maltese Cross that I got when I first came to Australia. She was with us until November 2010 and I miss her alot.

Baby Bella

Bella and I when we first saw her

The day we brought her home

Lexi- Lexi was to be our second dog. She was a little Border Collie, and her story is tragic, but I wont go into it today. I lost her and Bella within the same week and it was really tough on me, and still is.

Bella and Lexi



I don’t go to normal school.

I’m just starting school at Cairns Distance Education next semester. I just got sick of having to deal with your token teenage girls, and so I will be starting soon!


I’m looking into getting a second dog as we speak! Not until Lacey is at least a year and a half, but I’ll be getting a new girl as my first show dog hopefully! I’m looking at a small breed, because I miss having a little dog! Breeds on my list to look into are Papillons, Miniature Pinschers, Basenji, Border Terriers… If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great! I’m looking for a bit more drive and energy that a Great Dane 😛

Fact #5

I’ve been riding ever since I was 2 years old. I was first on a horse called Alcatraz and I fell off him on the first time I was ever on him! I remember riding him around with my mum on her black standardbred Jenna and he was my first horse, but not my first ‘official’ horse.

The beautiful Jenna

So I hope you had fun learning a bit more about me and my life! 😛

Until next time,


I don’t like this game, Mum….

Hi everybody!

I have some terrible news- But I better start from the start!

It all started two days ago when Brittany’s Mum made some Chelsea Buns, and put them outside to ‘prove’…

Chelsea Buns

And they just smelt SO good I had to try one for myself! So I grabbed one off the table when nobody was looking! Of course, Mum and Brittany weren’t very happy at all. In fact, they even called me a very bad doggie!

Yesterday afternoon, I saw Brittany crawling around on the floor, putting black lines on it! She said to me, ‘You have to stay out of these lines, Lacey. You can’t come in the kitchen anymore!’ And now, whenever I step over the lines, I get told, ‘Out!’ Now I can’t go in the kitchen anymore at all! Not even to hoover up the crumbs! This is Terrible!

The Kitchen Line

One of the Bedroom Lines

Brittany's Bedroom Line

Lines have appeared at the doors of the Bedrooms too- Brittany’s says I’m too big to go into her Bedroom, because I knock stuff over with my tail 😛

But this is just terrible! I’m not allowed in the Kitchen no more! 😦

And to add to the trauma of being banned from the Kitchen- Brittany’s making me wear a silly hat for our DWTDS!

She is sooooo mean!

Of course, she is wearing one too-

So I suppose its not that bad, if she is wearing one…


I look ridiculous!

Till next time,

Lacey Jayne the Great Dane

A note from Brittany: Hi everybody!  I’m very worried about whether we are going to be ready for our DWTDS performance. We are having such a hard time putting all the moves together in a sequence, that I don’t think we will be on time 😦

Also, does anyone have any ideas for tricks I can teach Lacey? I’ve run out of ideas!