A horsey emergency and lake photos

Hi all, Brittany here today.


Yesterday I was doing some DWTDS training with Lacey when I realised Kosmo hadn’t come up with Boy for his evening feed, so I quickly made up the feeds and lugged them up to the paddock. I looked in the paddock for him and he was on the far side of the paddock, and he looked like he had something wrapped around his neck. I ran down to the house and woke Mum up, who was sleeping in preparation for her night shift at the hospital. She went over to Kosmo and I stayed on the other side of the paddock, in case she needed me to get something.  She yelled over to get a saw or a knife and by the time I had grabbed a knife she had managed to release Kosmo from the vine with the wire cutters she took with her and he had ran up to start eating from his bucket. We took his food off him, haltered him and brought him down to the carport so we could hose him down. His neck and head had swollen to almost double their normal size, and under his neck where the vine was tightest there was a lump the size of a football that went partially down when the vine was released.

Just after we started hosing

He was very thick around and under his jaw too. All we could do was keep hosing, icing and massaging until the fluid buildup slowly went down.

The swelling did go down a bit on his neck. But after a bit his lip swelled up a bit. It soon went down and we left him eat a few handfuls.

See how puffy his throat was?

We put him in a pen non the lawn overnight and checked him throughout the night. He can eat, drink, and neigh properly so no damage to whis throat. Probably just some muscle damage where the vine was.

He is lots better this morning but is very sore and bruised where the vine was. We are very very lucky. We estimate that another ten minutes there and he would have died.

Now onto a lighter note!

I got some lovely pictures of Lacey yesterday afternoon of her looking out over the lake.

She looks very quiet and contemplative! (We all know the truth ;))

What are you lookin' at mum?


And in preparation for our Doggie Dancing routine- I put a ribbon on her neck so she could get used to it! 🙂

Until next time,

Lacey and Brittany 🙂


4 thoughts on “A horsey emergency and lake photos

  1. Yikes, what kind of vines do you have in Australia, that they attack your horses! We’re glad Kosmo is ok. We sure hope none of those vines attack you!

    And what’s with the lines all over the house? Doesn’t look like there’s much of the house left that you are allowed in. Where do you sleep, if not with Brittany in her room? Good grief. Sounds like a clear case of puppy abuse to us. Did we mention Abby is a legal-beagle[mix] extraordinaire? Your laws on pup abuse can’t be that different than ours. Shall we sue on your behalf?

    Jed & Abby

    • Hi Jed & Abby

      It seems like everything will try and kill you over here, doesn’t it! 😉

      I think you should sue- This is soooo unfair! I mean, I was allowed everywhere, until I stole that Chelsea bun! I’m not allowed to sleep in Brittany’s room either- she says I snore too much! Humph!

      Licks and woofs,
      Lacey the Great Dane

  2. Oh my goodness! What a scary emergency! Poor Kosmo!! My God, we thought we’d seen everything in Australia but ‘Killer Vines’??!! I wonder how they got around Kosmo’s neck??

    Yup, I’ve got those lines too, Lacey – although mine are just for the kitchen (and they’re invisible now, since I’ve learnt). I’m allowed in the bedrooms but just not on the bed or any of the other furniture in the house. But not the kitchen coz I might counter surf and coz I drool * slobber a lot so my humans say it’s a “hygiene issue” – ha! ha!

    Honey the Great Dane

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