Brittany finally got her butt moving!

I have to admit, Brittany has been dawdling with putting together our dancing routine. She did have her song picked and made a start on stumbling her way through trying to put a routine together, but she had me and the music on and got so frustrated that she couldn’t figure it all out! BUT, the Honey made her blog post on exactly how to put on together, and it showed her that to do it, she had to figure out the routine on her own and practice it herself before getting me to do the moves with her! But then Brittany twisted her ankle (clumsy human that she is 😉 ) and was out of action for three weeks! We didn’t go to training or anything. 😦

So she pulled out the iPod and speakers today, and got her list of my tricks, and enlisted help from her Mum. She figured out the first half of the routine, but hit a roadblock and couldn’t figure out what else to do. So after reviewing her list of tricks, she realised that she had heaps of other tricks! So she pushed through that barrier in her mind and came up with a cool routine.  She’s practised it heaps and I was watching her, and gave the routine the tick of approval 🙂 So we’re going to start practising it soon!

I’ve got one new trick to learn for it- walking through my humans legs while shes walking forward, and then backing up the same way. We’ll let you know how we get on!

Till next time,

Lacey 😀

A note from Brittany: I was going to introduce the rest of the family in this post, but I ran out of time tonight. I’ll be sure to do it soon, I promise! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Brittany finally got her butt moving!

  1. Hi Lacey – it sounds like your dance rehearsals are going really well!! Do you think Brittany’s mummy might be able to film a bit of your guys when you’re practising? Would love to have a sneak peek of your “behind-the-scenes” footage!! 🙂

    And I like the sound of your new trick! Can’t wait to see it! Just tell Brittany to remember not to stuff TOO many tricks in there – hee! hee! My human tends to do that too and then gets flustered…trying to cram too many tricks one aftert the other isn’t always the best idea – especially with us Danes coz we’re slow dogs and need time to think things through, you know?! 🙂 It’s better to do fewer tricks and do them well!

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps,. oh, I fgorgot to tell you – it’s usually etiquette to go to the other doggies’ blog to reply to a comment, rather than doing it in your own blog – just because otherwise the other doggie might never see it (we usually don’t go back to a post we have already read) and so we totally miss your reply and think you never ansnwered us – and you end up sort of talking to yourself! Whereas it’s nicer if we just visit each other back & forth.

  2. Hey, Lacey! We read about you on Honey’s blog and came to say hello. We do not have a blog, but we love reading other doggie’s blogs. We are rescue doggies who live with our mama in Maryland in the USA. Jed is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and Abby is a boxer-beagle mix. Mama had Danes for most of her LONG life, so we’ve been an eye-opening experience for her. We’re very excited about your routine for Honey’s DWTDS contest and look forward to seeing it soon.

    Jed & Abby

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