A horsey emergency and lake photos

Hi all, Brittany here today.


Yesterday I was doing some DWTDS training with Lacey when I realised Kosmo hadn’t come up with Boy for his evening feed, so I quickly made up the feeds and lugged them up to the paddock. I looked in the paddock for him and he was on the far side of the paddock, and he looked like he had something wrapped around his neck. I ran down to the house and woke Mum up, who was sleeping in preparation for her night shift at the hospital. She went over to Kosmo and I stayed on the other side of the paddock, in case she needed me to get something.  She yelled over to get a saw or a knife and by the time I had grabbed a knife she had managed to release Kosmo from the vine with the wire cutters she took with her and he had ran up to start eating from his bucket. We took his food off him, haltered him and brought him down to the carport so we could hose him down. His neck and head had swollen to almost double their normal size, and under his neck where the vine was tightest there was a lump the size of a football that went partially down when the vine was released.

Just after we started hosing

He was very thick around and under his jaw too. All we could do was keep hosing, icing and massaging until the fluid buildup slowly went down.

The swelling did go down a bit on his neck. But after a bit his lip swelled up a bit. It soon went down and we left him eat a few handfuls.

See how puffy his throat was?

We put him in a pen non the lawn overnight and checked him throughout the night. He can eat, drink, and neigh properly so no damage to whis throat. Probably just some muscle damage where the vine was.

He is lots better this morning but is very sore and bruised where the vine was. We are very very lucky. We estimate that another ten minutes there and he would have died.

Now onto a lighter note!

I got some lovely pictures of Lacey yesterday afternoon of her looking out over the lake.

She looks very quiet and contemplative! (We all know the truth ;))

What are you lookin' at mum?


And in preparation for our Doggie Dancing routine- I put a ribbon on her neck so she could get used to it! 🙂

Until next time,

Lacey and Brittany 🙂


Our family and walking in the bush!

So, I promised I would introduce the rest of my humans family…

This is Stuart. He’s probably almost 3 years old, and is your token annoying, food orientated guts. Hes Dads cat and is quite amusing when he wants to be. I’ve played with him since I was a baby. I was the size of him when I first came to live with Brittany- Look at me now!

Meet Stuart


Next comes Bobbit. Ridiculous name, but Brittany’s mum couldn’t think of anything and after a month she gave up and just named him the first thing she thought of 😉 He’s a blue point himalayan persian. He’s actually a she, but we only found out not long ago so he still gets called a he haha! He doesn’t mind 🙂

Bobbit. He's alot bigger now 🙂


Next is Suki. She’s a two year old Chinchilla Persian who came to live with us last year. She came with her Brother Aslan, but unfortunately he is no longer with us. Shes a very wussy, timid cat but very affectionate. She’s Brittany’s little supermodel 🙂

Suki sleeping with Stuart


Now for the horses!

Romeo is Brittany’s pony, and the animal who has spent the most time with our family. He came to live with Brittany when she first moved from NZ. He is a 13.3hh Australian Pony; he is also looking for a new home. Its time for him to move on as Brittany has outgrown him. 😦

Romeo- Jacaranda Tasman


Next is Kosmo. He is a 16.1hh Australian Andalusian. He’s 11 years old and Mums horse 🙂



Now we have Boy. Boy is Brittany’s new Throughbred. He is also a Novice trained Dressage horse. He has a funny, sweet temperament and Brittany loves him to bits!


Our latest addition is 2yo Layla. She is going to be Brittany’s horse when Boy gets either too old to ride or after he has taught her everything he can. She’s an Anglo Arab with a gorgeous, if unusual temperament.



We also have a few birds, but Brittany’s slack and hasn’t got any pictures 😉


We went for a walk down the Driveway this morning. Walking all the way to the end of the Driveway and back takes almost an hour and we have some lovely forest to walk through, along with a little pond full of turtles and water dragons 😀

Till next time,

Lacey and Brittany 🙂

Brittany finally got her butt moving!

I have to admit, Brittany has been dawdling with putting together our dancing routine. She did have her song picked and made a start on stumbling her way through trying to put a routine together, but she had me and the music on and got so frustrated that she couldn’t figure it all out! BUT, the Honey made her blog post on exactly how to put on together, and it showed her that to do it, she had to figure out the routine on her own and practice it herself before getting me to do the moves with her! But then Brittany twisted her ankle (clumsy human that she is 😉 ) and was out of action for three weeks! We didn’t go to training or anything. 😦

So she pulled out the iPod and speakers today, and got her list of my tricks, and enlisted help from her Mum. She figured out the first half of the routine, but hit a roadblock and couldn’t figure out what else to do. So after reviewing her list of tricks, she realised that she had heaps of other tricks! So she pushed through that barrier in her mind and came up with a cool routine.  She’s practised it heaps and I was watching her, and gave the routine the tick of approval 🙂 So we’re going to start practising it soon!

I’ve got one new trick to learn for it- walking through my humans legs while shes walking forward, and then backing up the same way. We’ll let you know how we get on!

Till next time,

Lacey 😀

A note from Brittany: I was going to introduce the rest of the family in this post, but I ran out of time tonight. I’ll be sure to do it soon, I promise! 🙂

Hello, Blogland!


My name is Lacey and I’ve just turned eight months old. I’m a girl Great Dane pup and I live with my mum and chosen human, Brittany, her mum and dad, Debbie and mike, and her annoying older brother, Taylor. I’ve got lots of animal friends that live with us including four horses, three cats ( and two cats that don’t belong to my family, but live here anyway), three birds, and some cows and chickens! I’ll introduce them all in our next blog post. We live on a Lake called Tinaroo on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland.

Meet Layla, the newest horse to come live with our family.

I came to live with Brittany when I was just little, and shes been my chosen human ever since. She’s lots of fun but strict when it comes to the rules, otherwise she says I would be a nightmare puppy! 😉 We do lots of training together, and Brittany likes to teach me lots of fun tricks. We’ve just started learning some tricks in French, Inspired by Honey’s learning ‘Bisou!’ I’ve learnt to sit, drop, kiss, stand, bow, and speak in French.  We’re also working on a dance routine for Honey the Great Dane’s competition, http://bighoneydog.com/2011/04/dwtds/ and we’re slowly but surely getting there.

Anyway, until next time!


A note from Brittany: Hi! We’re just new to Blogland so I’m just getting used to working out how to make posts and stuff, so if you see any mistakes, bear with me, We’ll soon get the hang of it! We’re looking forward to getting to know all of you and tell you about our adventures! 🙂